Yvonne Nelson’s Latest Political Thesis Has Pissed off Voltarians and They’re Slamming Her Left and Right on Twitter

Actress Yvonne Nelson’s latest round of political activism seems to have landed her in some hot water with the keyboard warriors on social media.

The actress has been talking a lot of politics recently, slamming the NPP government for their perceived failures in office and winning a lot of plaudits from people.

However, it seems her latest post has upset a lot of people after she complained about the lack of development in the Volta Region.

According to Yvonne, she cannot believe how bad the roads in the Volta Region are after years of people there voting for the NDC.

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“By the way, VOLTA REGION, i am shocked!!!! After all your strong votes and numbers, your major road network from akosombo to Ho is terrible, one can easily die on this road! I cant believe it, we swerved potholes like playing football.” she tweeted.

However, the tweet did not go down well with some Voltarians who decided to attack her for criticizing the region.

Yvonne has been pretty hard on the government recently but it’s weird that this is the tweet she’s receiving the most flak for and not some of the others, such as calling for Ghanaians to stop voting altogether.

Check out some of the critiques aimed at her below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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