Bishop Dag Heward-Mills Says Ghanaians are Too Religious and That is Hampering our Development — READ

One of the men responsible for keeping Ghanaians in a state of religious dependency so he can continue to milk money off us in his church,  Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, now claims Ghanaians are too religious and that is hampering our prospects for development.

One of the problems with Ghana which seriously hampers our development is that we are too invested in religion and believe most solutions to our problems would be found from God rather than from practical application of logic, reason and common sense.

Our preachers have played a huge role in fostering that loser’s mindset since they reinforce it every Sunday and make people believe their lives would only get better by attending their churches. Like Efia Odo, Heward-Mills apparently lacks a sense of irony, for him to turn around and claim the people he’s taught religious dependency are too religious.

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“The country [Ghana] is too religious but does not have the right attitude,” he said.

“…Most people who claim to be born again are only doing that under the guise of religion, but the truth is, they are not really born again that is why there is no much significant development,” he added.

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Nii Smiley Byte, Managing Editor
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