VIDEO Of A Man Allegedly Charging Money From Visitors For Taking Photos On The Adomi Bridge Pops Up

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Musician Guru earlier on ranted over how he was charged Ghc4 for taking pictures on the Adomi Bridge and even posted the receipt of the payment.

A video has popped up on social media where a man is captured allegedly charging some Ghanaians for taking pictures on the Adomi bridge.

These people who were surprised for being charged a fee for taking pictures on the Adomi bridge were seen arguing with the man who’s apparently in charge of monitoring visitors who take pictures on the bridge.

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We cannot tell whether the man was instructed to do so or not but since he was prevented them from filming him, it could be that he was just exploiting visitors.

It could also be that since it’s a tourist attraction site, visitors are required to pay before taking pictures there.

Watch the video below.


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