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Grown Man who Believes in Fairy Tales Thinks He’s Being Clever By Attacking Gays — The Case of Prince David Osei

It is fashionable to attack homos*xuals in this country, that’s nothing new. Attacking gays happens everywhere in the world and even if you don’t like it people are never all going to agree on something and honest disagreement is normal in any intellectual society.

The problem is no real arguments are raised by opponents of homos*xuality in Ghana, aside raising religious objections. Different people have different religious beliefs, so thinking what your religion says about something is what everyone should believe is simply childish.

Actor Prince David Osei has attacked gays in Ghana by referencing religion, as usual. According to him, God did not create man to be gay because he created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Adam. He even added that Satan is not gay because he ‘tempted’ Eve and not Adam.

”Let’s Talk my people What the F is going on in GHANA …God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Adam… Even Satan himself was not gay, he approach naked Eve not naked Adam..” David Osei posted on his IG page.


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We would be willing to give David Osei the benefit of the doubt if he brought any rational or scientific arguments to the table. Instead, like most Ghanaians, all he has are religious arguments.

If we’re talking about religion, let’s talk about the origins of the book David Osei is using to bash gays. The Bible claims the world was created in six days and humanity descended from a man and woman who ate an apple and made us all sinners, a clearly scientifically inaccurate claim. The Bible claims Israelites were enslaved in Egypt and Moses parted the sea, neither of which have been proven to this day and age.

Worst of all, the bible contains references to seven-headed dragons, talking donkeys, a man living in a whale for three days and other mystical claims. It reads more like Harry Potter than real life and anyone who believes it authentically can do so, but using it as a basis for arguments is certainly not going to win over people who don’t think we should live our lives by a book which contains more dragons than Game of Thrones.

A grown man who believes in fairy tales of heaven and hell thinks he’s being clever attacking people living their lives which doesn’t concern him one bit. Who’s the clueless one here, we wonder?

Come back with something more modern, David Osei, and we can have a discussion.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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