Nigerian Expatriate Relocates to Ghana to Invest Because He Considers Nigeria too Unsafe for His Family

There is a lot wrong with Ghana that we complain about on this blog virtually every single day, but one thing we can always be proud about is that our security situation is very serene, especially when compared to other countries in the sub-region such as Nigeria.

This is borne out by the story of a Nigerian expatriate who had plans to relocate to his country to invest, but ultimately decided against it because he felt the security situation was too bad for him to risk taking his family down there.

Dr Aloy Chife revealed on social media that during the time he was considering coming back to Africa, he had decided on going back to his village, but he felt the Nigerian government could not guarantee the safety of its citizens and as a man with a family he felt it prudent not to take any risks.

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Chife said he therefore settled on Ghana to relocate to and all the investments he had planned for Nigeria, such as running a farm and building roads in its environs to transport his goods, are now being enjoyed by Ghanaians.


Chife’s comments have not gone down well with some Nigerians on social media, who are slamming him for talking badly about his own country, but he insists that the security situation in the country is too bad.

Check out his tweets on the issue below…


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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