Send me Clips of Any Radio Presenter who Criticizes Me And I’m Ready to Slap the Hell out Of Them — Shatta Wale tells his Equally Brain-dead SM Fans

For years Shatta Wale has threatened countless people with physical violence whenever he feels like it. It’s part of his ‘brand’ of looking tough, although there’s no evidence he’s ever really beaten anyone up in his life.

‘Tough’ guy Shatta Wale, because he’s never faced any consequences for threats of violence, has made yet another one against any radio pundit who attacks or criticizes him on air.

Wale has advised his fans to record and send to him clips of any radio presenter who criticizes him. According to him, if he gets such audio he is ready to go out and slap whichever radio presenter or pundit made negative comments about him.

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“Empire when you hear any radio presenter do loose talk about me just record and send me for evidence .. I swear man go chop slap !!!! I am ready waaa !!!!” he posted on Facebook.

Of course, we all know Wale is simply boasting. He can’t actually slap anyone and I can bet anything that’s never going to happen. He’s actually a coward at heart.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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