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Open Post: Women Are Their Own Enemies – The Case Of Fella Makafui And Moesha ‘Throwing Stones’ At Depressed Efia Odo

For decades, the popular notion that women are their own enemies has stood tall even among women and it is the plain truth ─ take it or leave it!

In the corporate world, a woman seeing her fellow woman climb to the top echelon of the corporation would go all out or do whatever it takes to pull her down ─ or if that fails, then the championing of the popular “she slept her way to the top” tag will be pinned on her forehead by her fellow women.

Women themselves admit that they are their own enemies and it’s indisputable notion except in one or two cases where women support each other.

Now, Fella Makafui and Moesha Buduong ‘throwing stones’ at depressed Efia Odo over her suicide note as a result of her alleged threesome with Shatta Wale and the late Junior US stamps on the popular notion that women are indeed their own enemies.

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If everyone would throw jabs at Efia Odo in her depressed state, it shouldn’t be Fella Makafui and Moesha Buduong who are all in the same basket with her.

Even though Efia Odo has been on the neck of Fella Makafui and Moesha Buduong ever since she hit the limelight but is that enough reason for them to rejoice over her predicament?

Fella Makafui subtly laughed at Efia Odo when her alleged threesome with Shatta Wale and Junior US ─ with Junior allegedly paying $2,000 before banging her went viral on social media.

Moesha Buduong on the other hand, responding to Efia Odo’s suicide note on social media tagged her as a fake girl and pathetic liar.

To Moesha, who’s in the same slaying business with Efia Odo, she thinks Efia is lying over her suicide note and that people shouldn’t give a hoot about her.

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That’s what happens when you joke with your private life on social media ─ people will just step on your emotions even if you are serious about it.

Two wrongs doesn’t make a right and if Fella Makafui and Moesha Buduong are throwing jabs at traumatised Efia Odo then that’s a clear case of women being their own enemies.




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