I’m Not a Social Media Millionaire Like Some ‘Empty Barrels’ I Know — Tinny Hits Back at Kwaw Kese Once Again

The incessant back and forth between rappers Tinny and Kwaw Kese has entered another chapter. After Tinny attacked Kwaw Kese and he responded, Tinny has now also responded to Kwaw Kese’s response.

Kwaw Kese slammed Tinny for being broke and living with his parents at his grown age, prompting an angry Tinny to also hit back.

According to the Ga rapper, he does not showcase his possessions on social media as others like to do because he does not have a childish mentality. He slammed Kwaw Kese as broke, tagging him as an ’empty barrel’ making too much noise.

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“I overheard him say, ‘at my age I’m still living in my mother’s house with my kids’. Yes!!! Its because my mother lived a good life so she has properties. I’m enjoying from my responsible parents’ hardwork,” Tinny said.

“Besides its not my style to be posting everything on social media…. ‘I have this and that’. I don’t do such, so I don’t blame him. I’m not a social media millionaire! Empty barrels make the most noise. He must come for lessons,” he added.

Tinny said after he tagged Kwaw as a wack rapper, he thought he would reply with a diss song so they go head to head through music but instead Kwaw threatened to slap him.

“I simply shared my view that you’re a wack rapper, so prove me wrong by releasing hits or better still call for a challenge since we’re both rappers, that would have been better than him talking anyhow on radio.

“By chance he made some hits back then but because he doesn’t have a career, greed led him into dating an old woman so he can survive; buying of awards for him among others. Can you imagine? Such a cheap boy!!,” an animated Tinny fired at his former Last Two label mate.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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