People who Compare Game of Thrones to Prison Break have No Understanding of Cinematic Excellence — CHRIS-VINCENT

The return of the huge behemoth known as Game of Thrones has once again reignited the dormant social media landscape as everyone and his mother discuss the show and its massive implications.

The show has also once again reignited the debate over the best tv shows of all time, a conversation that Game of Thrones undoubtedly belongs in and for many people, comfortably rests on top of.

Not everyone agrees that Thrones is the greatest show of all time, a valid opinion, but some of the shows people are naming as its competition defies belief. Thrones as a spectacle has no peer, one only has to look at the Battle of Winterfell to see it is on a scope that other TV shows just cannot compete with.

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GhanaCelebrities.Com’s Founding Editor Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri has weighed into the debate, particularly on those who bring up Prison Break as a show better than Thrones.

According to Chris, the two are not even playing in the same league for their names to be lumped together in a conversation of the greatest shows of all time. Prison Break has to be compared to its peers, like Breaking Bad or the Blacklist.

I absolutely, 100% agree with that assessment as Thrones in terms of plot, characters and spectacle is on a scale very few shows can ever match.

Read Chris-Vincent’s assessment of the two shows below…

Game of Thrones vrs Prison Break

People who manage to compare Prison Break to Game of Thrones have no understanding of cinematic excellence and the complexities of our socio-political lives.

Prison Break is good—with thick glue-like suspense and intriguing story lines that become almost mundane and forced as the show comes to a deficient end.

Game of Thrones has everything that Prison Break can boast of, and more—added layers of complications, intriguing dialogues, never-seen production excellence and the ending is as thrilling as the beginning.

You can compare Prison Break to Blacklist or Breaking Bad, they play in the same league.

Game of Thrones has not competition when it comes to contemporary TV or cinema. The show runners have set a threshold that I don’t believe any show will break in our time.

I have seen people say Game of Thrones is complex and that they don’t understand it—because it pitches so many story lines and issues, concurrently.

Yeah, that’s true but it takes a certain mind that appreciates such things to follow it. Life is complex and if you are telling a story that sits on the cunning political and social nature of many powerful people, all aimed at sitting on the Iron Throne or wielding power from that source, and even exterminating each other, you can’t make it any simpler.

The beauty of Game of Thrones does not just dwell in the ruthless battles or schemes of the actors like the now dead Little Finger, but if you listen to an everyday conversation between let’s say Tyrion Lannister and anyone in there, you would appreciate the excellent writing, the natural flow of wit, and the deep intellectual orgasm the show freely offers, to even virgins.

It’s the most watched, downloaded, pirated and talked about TV series of all time for a purpose. If an episode is costing 15 million dollars to shoot, then you should know it’s not just about the running around but also the subtle beauty of the words that come out of each actor’s mouth, which only people with a certain level of intellect would appreciate.

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