Beyond the Social Media Facade – Chris-Vincent’s Take On Tonto Dikeh’s Desperation And Ex-husband Brouhaha

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I have a fundamental principle which has shaped my existence over the years and has made my life almost stress free.

I don’t have time for worthless lies called asset bragging and I don’t own anything I cannot afford to lose.

Social media offers a platform to perpetuate unending lies and I mean gargantuan lies by people who need to show people they have something they don’t have.

And a lot of people are doing it. It’s called the social media facade. It goes like this: the person will say or post photos to create an image of 90% up there when in reality, the person is -101 in the gutter.

Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh is the leader of this contemporary absurdity and she built a whole marriage on it, leading to the collapse of her marriage and the accompanying narrative.

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Before and during Tonto’s marriage, she showed the world several expensive things including cars that her husband had bought for her.

It later emerged that, she even paid for her own wedding and bought the shoes her husband wore to their wedding for him. She was lying about everything just to keep appearance on social media for empty likes and comments.

A few days ago, the same woman said the man she married suffers from pre-ejaculation and that he can’t be in a woman more than 40 seconds without shooting out.

A lot of people on social media are like Tonto Dikeh—different stages of the same disease affect them.

They buy things they cannot really afford to post on social media. They take holidays they cannot conveniently afford just so they can pose by the beach or pool or mountain and post photos online.

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Women are borrowing everything including wigs to take photos for the gram and men who are broke, unemployed, are living like “ballers” on social media—renting cars for photos or sitting in people’s cars as if it’s theirs.

Must life be this insane and bothersome?

I know someone who claims to have bought an expensive gift for a woman on social media, cost more than how a house, but he does not own a house himself and his landlord is chasing him for unpaid rent.


Perhaps, the new relationship advice should be this: run from anyone who takes photos for social media—they have the disease of inferiority and confusingly believe outside validation from a bunch of strangers who are pretenders like themselves is the ultimate cure.

Life can be really simple, but we make it so complex.

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Earlier last month, I made a new friend—a young Ghanaian woman whose husband has sadly died and left behind a fortune of over 200,000 pounds in cash. And she does not even have more than 3 photos on her Facebook.

When we met, she looked so simple like someone with just 100 pounds as her bank balance. But at her age, she sits on cash that most of us can only dream of.

Let’s learn to look beyond the social media facade—the lies and pretence are not worth the headaches that follow.

People are living a millionaire dollar lifestyle on a 50 pounds a week income because of social media. That’s insane and this is a journey that will eventually end at the doorsteps of depression.

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