The Panties Some Ladies Wear Is Capable Of Making A Man Cheat On Them- S3X Coach

For the umpteenth time, people would cheat if and when they want to cheat with or without any provocation at all. They necessarily do not need any reason to. It is rather unfortunate that people try to justify such.

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According to s3x coach whose name has been given as Dzifa Sweetness, says women should not be relaxed and laid back after marriage as many have the potential to become because any of such things is tantamount to their husband cheating on them. She establishes even some panties that women wear can lead to a man cheating on them.

“In marriage, every lady needs to be conscious and keep herself neat. It seems some women don’t know that when they enter into marriage they should be conscious and not forget themselves. But immediately they enter into a marriage and they get a ring on their finger then they forget themselves.”

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“Some ladies can wear short and sexy dresses – a lifestyle which makes the guy love her-. But immediately she is wedded then she changes. She has an attitude of wearing short and sexy cloth and the man likes it and has not complained. After marriage she changes and develops the habit of wrapping the cloth around herself from morning to evening, she leaves dirty utensils in the sink with flies hovering around it. Also, she leaves the kids pampers lying around. Immediately he – the husband- leaves the house and he finds another woman who is neat, he will never come back,” she said.

She added that ‘’Some panties can make men cheat on their partners. Some ladies have forgotten that there are women out there who are ready to take care of their men. There are some ladies who wear G-Strings but immediately they get married they start to wear ‘Jokoto’ panties to bed and if the man sees that he will leave you to another woman”.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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