VIDEO: Chaos In Church After Pastor Instructed His Church Members To Beat The Demon Out Of Each Other

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Religion has surely taken over the minds of the majority of Africans to the extent that they have become fools in the name religion ─ and interestingly, all these absurdities and religious nonsense are orchestrated by some illiterate self-acclaimed men of God.

Whatever these self-acclaimed men of God instruct and say is what their unwise members obey ─ even if they are being instructed to drink poison, they will do just that to scare demons or dark angels away.

In a video sighted by on social media, a self-acclaimed man of God caused chaos in his church after he instructed his church members to beat the demon out of each other.

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In the video, these brainwashed Christians were seen beating each other right in the church and it was chaotic seeing members brutalised each other in the name beating demons out of each other.

From the video, it was as if their salvation depended on their Pastor’s instruction to beat the demon out of each other.

Watch the video below.

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