Afia Schwarzenegger’s House is a Brothel where Men Go to Pay for S3x — Counsellor Lutterodt

The most entertaining feuds are always between two people who neither care about decorum and therefore are able to say whatever sh*t  words jump into their minds.

Afia Schwarzenegger and Counsellor Lutterodt are two of such people and have consequently been providing us with some solid entertainment whenever one of them goes after the other.

Their feud started after Lutterodt said that Afia Schwarzenegger needs a man in her life to discipline her kids, following her divorce with Abrokwah. An angry Afia Schwar responded in turn that Lutterodt is a broke man who depends on his wife to survive in this world.

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In his latest slam at Afia, Lutterodt reiterated that she desperately needs a husband so she can build a proper home for her kids rather than the ‘brothel’ she’s currently running.

According to Lutterodt, men go to pay and have s*x with Afia at her residence and if she gets a husband at least that will stop.

“As for Afia Schwarzenegger who is trying to get a father figure for her children at home,…once its mother’s day and she has some two children down there may I wish her happy mothers’ day…

“…Assist us get her somebody to manage her as a husband. Because this attitude of behaving like men are nothing is painful, she’s struggling, let’s have some sympathy for her. Her depression is getting out of hands, all she needs is a qualified man not like Abrokwa’s type, that will remove her from her brothel she calls a house to a home, where she will give respect, discipline, decorum to s*xual intercourse.” Lutterodt opined.

Finding a husband for unruly Afia Schwar is surely easier said than done. Try and think of a job more difficult than that! I’ll wait…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com



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