If You’re A ‘Hater’ of Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, then She Says ‘WMT’ to YOU — READ

A day that Joyce Dzidzor Mensah isn’t pissed off with someone or something is a day we are yet to see. The former HIV/AIDS ambassador is so carefree and unbothered by societal norms that almost everything she does draws some hurtful comments, which in turn gets her to defend herself.

Dzidzor has once again felt the need to defend herself against the ‘haters’ in a new post on her Facebook page in which she goes nuclear on them.

According to the actress cum musician, no one takes care of her and she has had to struggle to live her life, fighting through depression and other challenges with little help from anyone else.

According to her, she therefore does not see why others should try and tell her what to do when they contribute nothing to her life.

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Dzidzor went nuclear on her critics, even ending her rant with the dreaded ‘WMT’ insult.

If you happen to be living under a rock and don’t know what ‘WMT’ means, just read Dzidzor’s post and you will definitely get it from the context.

“When all hopes were gone and i was left with nothing, it was left with just I and I.

Even my own shadow left me in the dark.

Depression took over me and the only way was to end my life.
Friends left me, some relatives i used to support left me in my lonely life.
Even the car i was using to drive uber was taken back because car owner said he wanted 500 cedis sales a week while i was only able to give him 450 cedis. And then I decided to get up from my falling place. it took a big sacrifice to end me in Germany.

Now that I’m in heaven, you find your sorry self on my page to condemn me in the name of advising.
When i creat a mess with my life, I’m the only one responsible to clean it up! And not you.

If what I’m doing with my life is giving you headache, then prepare for the real show cos this is just a tip of the iceberg.
I usually do not make time for haters but sometimes it’s good to put some sense in some idiots. You will see me live this evening

Foolish fools. Mumaaame………”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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