Rashida Black Beauty Should Have Been Popular Like Rosemond Brown Is Today- DKB

In 2016 thereabouts,  Rashidatu Mohammed otherwise known as Rashida Black Beauty was a household name, a rather scandalous brand to say the least. She was all over the place punishing our eyes with varied videos of her somewhat unstable life.

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And just as it has always been, we woke up one day and Rashida had made headlines, receiving awards for staying foolish and uncultured and starring in Tv series. It was all good and nice until the baby bumped showed. Rashida got pregnant with the very man who adversely made her famous. She claimed she had wanted to get rid of the baby but her mother had insisted she had it. That was the beginning of the end for the infamous Rashida Black Beauty.

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Today, Rashida is no more but we have Rosemond Brown aka Akwapim Poloo to deal with. She is no different than Rashida, they are practically the two sides of the same coin. Poloo just like Rashida is doing all that it takes to stay relevant and she has by far done well albeit, it has been from one scandal to the other.

Comedian DKB is all remorseful, he thinks Rashida should have been as relevant as Poloo till this day and advised that people make good use of opportunities that come their way. Poloo certainly is but what DKB failed to mention or notice is, Rashida actually did too, the baby probably hindered the shine…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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