Jesus has Been Hanging on the Cross for 2,000 Years, It’s Time for Him to Get Down and Rest — Says Wanlov

Wanlov da Kubolor has mocked the Christian saviour, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, in comments that are nothing new for those who know the philosophy and style of the musician.

According to Wanlov, Jesus has been hanging on the cross for 2,000 years and should think about coming down off it to take a seat.

Wanlov is a noted irreverent soul who often takes shots at religion, among other societal ills.

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In a dig at religion, Wanlov said he pities Jesus Christ for hanging on a cross for so long, joking that is the reason he is unable to attend church anymore.

“When I go to church and I see blood oozing from Jesus on the cross, I feel pity for him so I can’t sit there. He has been suffering for long, till now he is still on the cross, at least by now he should get down and sit.” the FOKN Bois artist said.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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