I’m Still Friends With Fred Nuamah Despite Breaking The News Of His Marriage Breakdown – Chris-Vincent Agyapong

The Founding Editor of, Chris-Vincent Agyapong despite being friends with the CEO of Ghana Movie Awards, Fred Nuamah broke the news of his marriage breakdown yesterday, May 13, 2019.

Comments monitored on social media have it that their friendship has also collapsed and that’s the major reason why Chris-Vincent’s reported his marriage breakdown.

But according to Chris, he is still friends with Fred Nuamah and that he only reported the truth ─ adding that since the media reported Fred’s staged airplane proposal to Martekor and their beautiful traditional marriage ceremony as well, there is nothing wrong reporting the marriage breakdown too.

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Chris-Vincent on his Facebook page wrote;

“Why are people saying Fred Nuamah and I are no more friends?

I have known Fred for many years and he knows me too well—he knows I am not the type not to say something if I want to, irrespective of whatever anyone would feel.

If I don’t want to talk about an issue because of my own principles, then I don’t want to. Nothing else, can prohibit me from saying my mind or reporting the truth—unless the law.

So as someone who has known me for many years, I find the reports that we are fighting because my platform or I have reported on the collapse of my his marriage.

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If my marriage fails and people report the truth, why would I be upset? If anything, I would be upset with myself or my wife, for the breakdown. Was it the reporter who caused the break down?

Like everyone else, Fred was happy when he married and the media reported on it. He staged an airplane proposal, recorded for media publication.

So if same relationship has collapsed, the media should not report on it..huh?

What kind of people are we?

Come on folks!”

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri & Fred Nuamah at Cannes


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