Hilarious Tweets — Nigerian Christians Sh!t Their Pants In Fear After Watching TV Series ‘Lucifer’

Only Africans can attach so much meaning to a simple tv show that it would take over their entire lives and leave them living in fear of the devil.

Some Nigerian Twitter users have been left sh!tting their pants in fear after watching the show which just ended its fourth season run.

As we reported earlier, Nigerian actress Stella Damasus tweeted that the show is demonic and a way to win souls for the devil. Her post was in response to one by a Twitter user known as Joshua Mike-Bamiloye, who laid out his reasons why he thinks Lucifer is a satanic show.

He wrote: “There’s a show Called LUCIFER Azin the devil o lol And you, Knowing how captivating foreign series can be, You still watch. Now you LOVE the character; Lucifer, Like Jack Bauer. And somehow you think, the devil isn’t winning your soul over…”

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His post managed to bring out many Nigerians to confess their mortal fear of the show and what it can do to their soul if they watch it. One user even claimed just watching the show had filled her room with darkness and dread – talk about being unnecessarily dramatic!

Africans somehow think watching Lucifer, or as someone else argued recently, Game of Thrones, can corrupt your soul and send you to hell. If the state Ghana and Nigeria are currently in isn’t hell, then I don’t know what is.

It’s legitimately sad that the youth who are the supposed future leaders of this continent are the ones who have such backwards mentalities about how the world works. It just shows there’s no hope for a future renaissance for this continent.

Tweets below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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