Prophet Cosmos Walker Releases Latest INSANE ‘Prophecy’ — READ

Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran, one of the many men masquerading as ‘prophets of doom’ littering this country like trash, has released his latest, insane rambling which he claims to be a prophecy.

Walker, like his fellow prophets, are in the business of making vague comments which can later be interpreted anyway they like to show they really have ‘prophetic knowledge.’

The number of insane and flat out wrong prophecies he has made are laughable, but at least he makes a very good comic character since we can’t seem to get enough of his nonsensical rants.

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In his latest ‘insane’ prophecy, Cosmos claims nursing mothers in Ghana should pray since they are about to start losing their babies in hospitals around the country.

“Ghana and nurse mothers should pray, there is going to be a missing new born babies across hospitals in the country. ” thou saith the Lord.” Prophecy by Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran.” he wrote on Facebook.

Apparently, the plot of ‘Baby Thief’ recurring ad nauseam is the great prophecy God had to give this prophet. Who even takes anything he says seriously anymore?

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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