How ECG/PDS Stole Money From Bridget Otoo Through Their APP — READ

Broadcaster Bridget Otoo has narrated how the app created by PDS to help customers conveniently pay their bills instead turned into a money stealing machine and stole her money without her receiving any service in return.

It’s only in Ghana that such things happen – instead of such electronic platforms making life easier for Ghanaians, it rather gives us more unnecessary headaches. And even the ones which work are burdened with unnecessary service charges, such as mobile money or mobile banking.

TV3’s Bridget Otoo has fallen victim to one of these inefficient systems, after her attempt to purchase electricity credit on the PDS app led to her losing money.

She narrated that after using the app to purchase the credit, she lost her money but also failed to get any credit to use.

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In typical Ghanaian fashion, her call to PDS yielded no positive results as the call centre agent told her there’s nothing they can do.

“PLEASE do not use @pdsghanaltd mobile app!!!! the officer says it’s on pilot bases, I won’t get the money I lost back, plus he won’t even advise me to use it. In. His own words “I have heard the complaint, saaaaa” He didn’t even log mine in eiiiii #Incompetent” she tweeted.

“I had to go to vendors, and like a believer of all things tech, I tried the @pdsghanaltd mobile App and it squandered my money and no credit! I get to the office and the first person I met @pdsghanaltd said “me that thing I don’t even know anything about it,” she added in a second tweet on the issue.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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