Comedian DKB Hits The Net With Before And After Photo Of His Pot Belly And 2Packs

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Pot belly is not something that anybody should be proud of, talk of displaying publicly it.

A lot of the time guys hit the gym to shed off excess fat around the tummy to look hot and attractive.

Also, modern ladies do not find pot belly men romantic or attractive to proudly call their own.

For this reason, Ghanaian comedian, DKB decided to hit the gym three years ago, somewhere in 2016 to earn some 6 packs.

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Work in progress, no lie, it wasn’t 3 yrs of constant workout. Almost 1yr of no gym, few months on & off. Several supplements failed cos there is no short cut.

The only way out is the HARDWORK!

I took it serious just 3 months ago and see the results!

Get your ass up to Body Basics Gym!💪😡🔥

After keeping to the bolts and nuts, DKB earned 2 packs. He has hit the web with his before and after photo.

Impressive pot belly versus impressive 2 packs.

Check it out:


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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