Why You Should Say No to Drugs — Papa Shee Claims He Fought and Defeated Obinim in Spiritual ‘Mortal Combat’

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As if the number of deluded so-called prophets we have running around the country isn’t enough, former hiplife star turned Evangelist, Papa Shee, has decided to join in the delusion.

Obinim is always claiming absurd powers for himself, the ability to fly, to steal money in dreams and to heal all ailments. If he’s not constantly high then he’s probably an undiagnosed schizophrenic.

But to be feared and respected by Ghanaians as a pastor, you have to be powerful in the invisible ‘spiritual realm’, so pastors make sh*t up all the time.

Former hiplife star turned evangelist Papa Shee is thus claiming similar powers to Obinim.

In a video floating around on social media, Papa Shee claims he met Obinim in spiritual combat and defeated him mercilessly. He claimed to have beaten him, broken all his teeth and destroyed his precious Rolls Royce.

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“I beat Obinim spiritually and I am saying this to glorify our heavenly father. He was so weak he nearly died and I also destroyed his Rolls Royce spiritually,” Shee said.

“After that, he threw a challenge at me but I ignored me because I was directed by God to do that.

“The second time, he attacked me with a gun but I spiritually beat him and he lost his teeth in the process. I also arrested his associate pastor,” he added.

Obinim would also come out pretty soon to make his own claims about what happened when he fought Papa Shee in spiritual mortal combat. Since it’s is in the spiritual realm and no one can verify, everyone can say what they like.

That’s how silly this whole spiritual thing Ghanaians love so much can be.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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