Corrupt Ghana Police Officer Freely Discusses the Services He Can Provide for Criminals who Pay him Bribes — WATCH

As if we needed any more confirmation of the incredible corruption plaguing the Ghana Police Service!

A video floating online right now perfectly captures the problem with our so-called protectors in the service; showing not only how brazenly they engage in corruption but also the fact that they couldn’t care less about their jobs.

There are many jobs in the world that anyone could try to do to make sure they make it in life. Some jobs are done for money but others are jobs that only those with a passion for something should do, and if you don’t have that passion it is better to stay far away from that job.

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Being a police officer is a job which requires a passion to protect others but its painfully obvious most of those who enter the service in this country are only interested in money.

So we have the current situation where they openly engage in corruption on the roads and nobody cares.

As we mentioned earlier, a currently trending video shows a police officer proudly revealing the jobs he can do for criminals so long as they pay him well.

He said he can help them with their criminal activities using his powers as an officer and even pointed out another officer who can also help them.

The meeting ended with the officer receiving a bribe.


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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