Don’t Come To Me If You’re Not Ready To Invest Your Cash In Me – Slay Queen Shugatiti Tells Potential Clients

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Slay queen and n*dist, Shugatiti who is actively into the business of flaunting her God-given ‘assets’ to attract s-xually unsatisfied men says Ghanaian men who cannot sacrifice their money, time and energy for her shouldn’t dare come to her.

According to Shuagatiti on her Insta-stories, she is tired of the “baby, I’m not coming because of your body” vibes men usually use to grab the attention of girls.

Shugatiti posted; “Don’t come to me telling me it’s not your body I want it’s everywhere these things don’t move me come to me when you are ready to invest your money, time, energy and attention”.

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In short, the only way to get Shugatiti’s huge oily as* and ‘melons’ on your bed is to invest your money, time, energy and attention in her damn body!

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