Karma Locates Fella Makafui – Medikal Allegedly Tearing Her Heart In Pieces

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This is going to be a win, win, win, for Sister Derby, and most Ghanaians who are watching from afar to see Fella Makafui receive a dose of what she did to the former.

You recall some months ago, Fella Makafui mysteriously ‘snatched’ Medikal from his lover Sister Derby, and proudly made fun of Debora Vanessa for losing guard.

According to reports, Fella Makafui is about to suffer the same fate as Medikal has started joking around.

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There is a rumor that Fella Makafui is suffering and she is still enduring whatever it is because of the shame hoovering around the break up of their relationship.

Those Called Celeb’s made this shocking revelation.

Read post below;

The girl is suffering oooo 🙄🙄😅🤣🤣🤣 the things am hearing no…chai!! How long will u pretend for de gram?? Herrrr I love u paaaa… if u think de boy is tearing ur heart…. leave oooo …u can’t come n kill urself cux of #thosecalledcelebs and her followers… tomorrow by dis time…u will snap pics to decieve the public meanwhile u dieing inside… no where cool ampa!! Go back for Alhaji cux mamaga still collect him na 💸😜 de girl is confused oooo… herrrrr evidence paaa nie!!”, the blog posted.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com





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