Two Irrelevant Attention Seekers, D-Black and Tinny Accuse Each Other of Being Gay

We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors among these two artists but the way they are confidently accusing each other of homos*xuality in this context raises more than a few eyebrows.

These two artists, Tinny and D-Black, are still carrying on their silly feud over the comment Tinny made months ago that D-Black is one of the worst rappers in Ghana.

D-Black, unable to handle the truth about his rap skills which is known to almost anyone with ears in Ghana, also hit back at Tinny with the claim that Tinny came to beg him for a feature after denigrating him on air.

He has now released the chat which he alleges shows Tinny begging him for a feature, but it is his accompanying caption which raises eyebrows.

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In the caption, he calls Tinny ‘Mrs Aletse’ and implies that he’s a ‘d*ck sucker’, badly disguised attempt to paint him as ‘homos*xual’.

In a response, Tinny also decided to imply D-Black is gay, claiming he should ‘close his a$$’, to imply he’s been opening it to accept d*ck.

If they’re both gay and want to chop each other down they should meet up and do it quickly, no judgement.

Otherwise, it’s clear what this is, two largely irrelevant stars whose best days are far behind them doing all they can to pitiably cling on to fame.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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