‘To the Ghanaian, the White Man Is Nothing But His God and His Son Jesus Christ Are Everything’ — Chris-Vincent Agyapong

Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, has been engaged in a weekend-long effort to educate some ‘head in the sand’ Ghanaians who stubbornly insist there is nothing better about first world countries compared to this sh*thole called Ghana.

The same Ghanaians who are always complaining about this country, and rightfully so, are the same people who refuse to acknowledge that foreign countries are in better situations that we are just because Chris-Vincent said the same thing and they hate to agree with him.

Apparently living in ‘abrokyire’ offers no benefits over living in Ghana.

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The entire argument started over a post by Chris that foreign countries are much better to live in than Ghana and Ghanaians hit back that there’s no difference.

In another post to make his point that those claiming the above are lying, Chris-Vincent pointed out that Africans claim there’s nothing superior about foreign countries yet they follow the foreign gods brought to them by the same white man.

“To the Ghanaian, the white man is nothing, the white man’s country is nothing, the white man’s way of life is nothing but the white man’s God and his son Jesus Christ are everything. What a retarded mindset! Good morning from Princess Shingles’ waist!” he wrote.

Africans have en masse abandoned our own religions and gods for the one brought by the white man, but then later turn around to claim that there’s nothing superior about the people who managed to force slavery and colonization upon us and in the end, also convinced us to follow the same God who saw all that yet did nothing about it.

Makes complete sense.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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