Blessing Okoro Was ‘Lucky’, She Should Have Been ‘Charged and Thrown in Jail’ — Chris-Vincent

GhanaCelebrities.Com‘s Founding Editor Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri has given out a new update on the case of Nigerian Instagram blogger Blessing Okoro.

Okoro is the lady who was humiliated on social media after she posed in front of someone else’s house and claimed it was hers.

The real owner of the house had her arrested and the incident filmed and put on social media.

In a new reaction to the post, Chris-Vincent, who posited yesterday that her actions were as a result of desperation to show success in life on social media, said her actions throughout the whole saga should have ended with her in jail.

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Apparently, when she was first caught posing in front of a house that wasn’t hers, she tried to claim it was hers and even produced fake documents to that effect.

In light of that, she probably got off too easy with simple online humiliation.

Read Chris’ thoughts on the case in light of the updates below…

Update on the Nigerian Instagram Blogger Who Was Arrested for Claiming She Has Built A Mansion When In Fact It Was For Someone

Several people have said to me that the punishment of bringing in the police to handcuff a certain Blessing Okoro, an Instagram blogger who trespassed someone’s property, and went to take photos to post on Instagram—falsely claiming she has built a 7 storey building mansion after her ex-husband threw her out some years ago was abuse of power or too much for her offence/wrong doing.

Now, the question is: what’s her crime? What the girl did was beyond just trespassing the property and taking photos to lie on Instagram.

I am told that when she was trending on social media and credulous fools were stupidly tapping into her so-called blessing, the owner of the property came out to say that house is for him and not her.

This fraudulent person countered the owner on social media, claiming the man is a liar and that the property is hers—not his.

The man posted the documents of the property, insisting it’’s his and this girl still claimed he was lying. She went as far as also posting fake documents to show that indeed that property is hers.

And then as the claim and counter claim were going on, she went to the property to stage a live video broadcast, to confirm to her social media fans that the man is a fraud trying to claim her property and not the other way round.

It was at this stage that she got arrested and put in handcuff.

Now, tell me—does she deserve the punishment? Falsifying documents of someone’s property to claim it’s yours and insisting it’s yours in the face of the truth, must surely be an “arrestable” offence—or?

Africa’s main problem is fraud and lies (corruption and thievery—I mean dishonesty). The reason why the continent has been almost stagnant for centuries is because of its scumbag leaders—and these people start as this, as dishonest citizens.

If you can go to the extent of “creating” fake documents and going to someone’s property to live video yourself to back your false claims, then you are not just a liar but a thief or a fraud.

All were done for the social media likes and comments and to give others unnecessary pressure in life—to make them feel they are behind and not trying enough in life.

So the video to humiliate her is even a slap on the hands in this case. Perhaps, she should have been “charged” and thrown into jail.

—Chris-Vincent Agyapong

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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