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Shatta Wale Isn’t A Man, He’s A COWARD; And His Behaviour at the VGMA and In New ‘Apakye’ Video Proves It — GODWIN OKINE Writes

Ever since he reemerged onto the Ghanaian music scene as Shatta Wale after leaving Bandana dead and buried, Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr has called himself the ‘dancehall king’, and all of us has allowed him to get away with it.

The bitter truth is Shatta Wale is not a man, much less a king! The head honcho of the Shatta Movement Empire is nothing but a coward.

This has nothing to do with Shatta Wale’s talent. He remains one of the most talented artists we have in this country. His ability to create hit songs out of nonsensical music is unrivalled and the bond he has with his fans is one which might never be broken.

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This, however, has everything to do with Shatta Wale’s character. With his willingness to break all societal rules and norms yet try to escape consequences for them. With his willingness to fan the flames of antagonism against Stonebwoy at every chance he gets. And with his blockheadedness to fan the same flames earlier today,  even when the issue nearly came to violence last week, with no regards for what possible consequences might arise out of that.

I’ve used the word consequences a lot because that is what irks me most about Shatta, his disregard for consequences. He does whatever he wants without thinking through the consequences of his actions. He doesn’t care who he hurts so long as his need to be a jacka$$ in every situation he finds himself in can be fulfilled.

But even if that was all he did I might admit not liking him without ever calling him a coward. But what makes Shatta Wale a coward is that he is always willing to do the crazy, unorthodox and many times ‘stupid’ thing to trend, but he’s never willing to own up to his actions as a man should do.

A man stands by his words and actions no matter what the world says. If you believe you’re right, nothing should shake you out of the firmness of your belief. Shatta Wale is the opposite of a man, in that he would do something crazy but then turn around in seconds to disown his actions.

Shatta Wale likes to act hardcore without actually being hardcore. He likes to eat his cake and have it too. He behaves as a jacka$$ for his fans but then tries to explain it away so the rest of the ‘civilized’ world does not see him for the sewer rat that he is. The end product is that he wants to be a gangster without actually being a gangster.

I’ll give you two examples to prove my point quite easily, and they both come from just the past week. On the night of the VGMA awards, after rushing the stage to try and disrupt Stonebwoy’s award speech, Shatta Wale released a statement to claim he was not rushing the stage but was just trying to go up there to congratulate Stonebwoy. Anyone with eyes who watched the VGMA knows Wale was upset about losing that award to Stonebwoy and that he meant nothing but trouble when he got up to rush the stage.

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But Shatta Wale wanted to eat his cake and have it too. He did what he could to foment trouble but then later claimed that wasn’t what he was doing at all. He is a coward that cannot stand behind his actions.

He just did the same thing today, mocking Stonebwoy once again as a cripple in a video. In the video, he reenacts the VGMA incident with a friend, with the other guy portraying Stonebwoy as a cripple.

Anyone who knows the history of the Wale-Stonebwoy beef knows insulting the latter as a cripple has been a big issue between them for years now. Yet after creating this mischief, Wale later came to explain himself that he’s just an entertainer creating fun. Once again Wale is running away from the consequences of his actions, not even being man enough to admit he just released the video to mock Stonebwoy.

Shatta Wale should simply accept himself for who he is, an immature child who fell into fame and is deeply afraid the moment he stops acting like an immature child is the day he loses his relevance. He should proudly accept himself and stop trying to hide behind civility every time he acts like an idiot so he can avoid consequences.

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