Does It Sound Like It? — Bullet Says They Have ‘Experts’ Listen to and Approve Wendy Shay’s Songs Before It’s Released

Every song of the ‘best new artist’ at the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs), Wendy Shay, goes through a thorough research and development process before it’s released to the public.

According to Bullet, they are able to only release quality tracks because even after a song is done they have people who listen to it to determine how good it is before it hits the public.

Wendy Shay has obviously dropped some hit songs since she arrived in the industry but it’s hard to say most of her songs have been hits.

Anyway, according to Bullet, to ensure the top quality of anything they release, it goes through a long process.

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“We do not just get up and release songs, we have those who have an ear for good tunes who listen to them. It’s a big game altogether, the team does a lot of work and consultation etc,” Bullet revealed.

According to him, having a hit song is the most important thing in the industry so they do not joke with that at all.

“You can do all that you want to, build whatever you want to build but if you do not have hit songs, trust me, you will feel less important in the industry. That is why for us we do not joke with the kind of music we bring out”. he added.

Do you see the effects of this ‘process’ on RuffTown songs? They sound just like every other song to me, espcially since Ebony was no more.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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