Patapaa Is Not A Musician – He’s Just A Talkative – Zapp Mallet

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Once upon a time, Patapaa revealed he had a call from God to venture into music and he obeyed. And it remains the only reason why he’s into music.

Amazingly after that revelation, Patapaa has done nothing but he’s being celebrated for the so-called songs he’s released.

All that the ‘Skopatumana’ hit maker does is to combined some unintelligible words with beats to make it nice to boogie to.

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According to veteran music producer, Zapp Mallet, Patapaa shouldn’t be counted among musicians because he’s not.

He revealed Patapaa is not a talented musician but all he does is to talk.

He added that tthe musician does not have melody and rhythm in any of his songs.

“Patapaa’s songs don’t even have a melody and rhythm. That guy doesn’t do music, he only talks. I don’t like his songs at all. he’s not a musician,” he noted in interview with Kobby Kyei

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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