Shatta Wale Didn’t Mock Stonebwoy’s Disability – He Was Just Having Fun – Shatta Fan Explains

Yesterday Shatta Wale released a video to mock Stonebwoy’s disability when we thought all was going to be well with the two dancehall artistes, patching their differences after they’ve both showed remorse for what happened at the recent VGMA.

After the video hit social media, reactions has mostly be in favour of Stonebwoy as nobody chooses to be disabled.

However, one social media fan of Shatta wale, known as Shadrack Amonoo Crabe, has painstakingly written a long message to defend Shatta Wale.

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According to him, Shatta Wale was only having fun and not to mock Stonebwoy’s disability as it’s been widely spread.

Read his post below;

Mimicking Someone’s Disability is a Bad Act and Nobody is Supporting It.
But Watching the Video Over And Over Again, Shatta Wale Did Nothing Wrong!
He was only having fun with a Friend;

1. Shatta wale wasn’t the one who Did the Mimicking.

2. They Didn’t mention anyone’s name in the Video,
They were only having fun With Wale’s Unreleased Song.

3. Wale posted the Video on his Instagram page just for Fun, 
But because of you Ghanaians with “Nahwishw3nim” Tagging the Video as “Stonebwoy’s Mimicking”
Wale respectfully deleted the Video off from his page.
A video that He didn’t caption anyone’s name in it!

But come to think of this, 
The same Stonebwoy you guyz are hypocritically Defending has make a mockery over Shatta wale’s Mouth a several times! 
1. He once Posted an edited video of a madman who was mocking Wale’s Mouth on his Facebook.

2. He was in a Video with Achipalago in USA, Twisting his mouth and indirectly mocking Wale.

3. Even During his thanksgiving speech at the 2018 VGMA, 
Negger made a funny statement by saying;
“And Shoutout to my other Brother,
You know (And He twisted his mouth to point out who he was particularly referring to)
In front of Camera and huge audience,
And everyone was laughing and applauding Him!

Today you the same people are here, trying to play foul, Calling wale names for posting his own video on his own page, 
You FOOLS Play part of all this!
You Champion your favorite for such act and Insult the other of the same Act!
If It’s not Good for Peter, 
Then it’s not Good for Paul!”

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Ms. Innocentia Amoako, Editor
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