Holy Beef: ‘Shut The F*ck Up!! Who Are You To Say I’m Occult? — Reverend Obofour Fires ‘Envious And Greedy’ Rev. Ransford Obeng

In Ghana, beefing is not only meant for people in the entertainment industry, those we call heads of most of our Christian churches even understands the game more than the celebs.

A few days ago, head pastor of Charismatic Calvary Centre (CCC), Reverend Ransford Obeng described any pastor who dashes cars to other people free of charge as occults, concluding that they don’t suffer before getting their monies.

However, the leader and founder of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC), Reverend Obofour who can stand on his feet and give out 5 luxurious cars in a day has been hit by what Rev. Ransford Obeng’s words. He has also replied to him.

According to Reverend Obofour, Rev. Ransford Obeng is a wicked and selfish pastor who doesn’t want us his church members to enjoy the millions of cedis he is making from their offertory.

‘If somebody dashes cars the person is an occult, some pastors of today just talk anyhow out of ignorance, they preach to their congregations that they are the best, they don’t want the poor to be on par with them, they want to inherit their churches to their children when they die or go on retirement, at the detriment of their members, hence their useless and wicked statements when preaching, they are wicked. You are nobody before me.

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‘Continue talking about me, I won’t stop donating. He’s not preaching from any Bible but out of selfishness, greediness, out of envy and jealousy. Condemnation spirit, so they are not able to earn the respect they are supposed to. He has never helped anybody in his church, they want to increase their offertory,’ he fumed.

He added that its better for Reverend Ransford Obeng to stop his senseless preachings about pastors because he will not get anything from it.

‘I will get more members even if my dad comes from the dead to say I’m occult. I will not allow you to insult me. You are not supreme before anybody, shut up,’ he warned.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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