‘The Idiocy of the Ghanaian Is Not A Generational Problem But A DNA Problem’ — Chris-Vincent Fires After Accra Floods Once Again

On Wednesday, May 29th 2019, a rainstorm lashed Ghana’s capital city Accra and right on cue, the city flooded as it so often does.

Every single year Accra floods, people lose properties and sometimes their lives and Ghanaians talk and talk without doing anything concrete about it.

Worse are the politicians, who pay lip service to solutions to the problem after every flood but do virtually nothing for a whole year until the next flood comes for them to talk ‘BS’ once again.

In response to this perennial problem which is never solved, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, the Founding Editor of this blog, has slammed Ghanaians for behaving so stupidly when it comes to solving such an issue.

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According to him, the fact that Accra has been flooding for decades and no government since Independence has been able to find a solution to it proves the ‘generational idiocy’ of the Ghanaian.

After the deadly June 3rd disaster, every kind of solution to this problem was proposed but in typical Ghanaian fashion, nothing happened. If the problem was not solved after June 3rd, you can be sure it would never be solved.

Read Chris-Vincent’s thoughts on our collective idiocy below…

Every year Accra floods. The Ghanaian leaders and the smart people who live in that country do nothing about the situation—only to complain, post photos and talk about it when it happens.

People’s properties are destroyed and sometimes lives are lost. If this is not what insanity and a bunch of useless people camped at one place looks like, then the alternative is, we are dogs.

The Ghanaian is full of talks. I mean BS talks, and never gets anything done.

Ghanaians, both the political leaders and the masses cannot see far than their noses.

Since 1957, Accra and almost the same areas have been flooding. The leaders have changed, and the people have changed too but the problem remains.

What does this tell you? The idiocy of the Ghanaian is not a generational problem but a DNA problem.

We are plainly incapable and stupid.

Good morning!

—Chris-Vincent Agyapong

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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