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When Did Talking to the Opposite Sex Become this WEIRD?

I know a lot of great people who are still single and I know a lot of losers who are too—the latter deserve to occupy that position proudly until they learn to place value on the essence of human relationships.

I am that guy that starts a conversation with whoever and at wherever. I cherish random valuable conversations on anything—be it politics, religion, science, relationship, sex or books. As a result, I keep myself informed on bits of very popular areas—so that when I meet the weirdest person on an island, I would still manage to have a conversation with him or her.

Over the years, I’ve tried to pair-up people who are looking for lasting relationships and those looking to just have sex till Jesus Christ shows up in the sky drunk.

What I have learnt from the pairing up enterprise is the fact that a lot of people are single—unknown to others. It’s as if stepping out and starting a conversation with a person you find interesting is forbidden.

Social media has made it easy to meet people—I mean virtually. And with the help of search engines, you can be dumb and still sound smart.

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Years ago, I used to have Email exchanges with a French who spoke no English, courtesy of Google translator. So everything is possible these days—and yet many are faced with the cul-de-sac of hooking up, simply because they find it weird to step up and have a conversation with the opposite sex.

In fact, some even make it astronomically annoying when they invade your DM. I have a female friend a certain man has been saying Good Morning to in her inbox on Facebook for over 4 years. All this man says is: “Good Morning Beauty” and that’s it. That’s creepy and off-putting.

I understand that being single is a choice—so some claim. But there are a lot of people who want to jump out of the lonely pit of singleton, and be able to have someone to share smiles and conversations, even if boring, with—and yet they find it weird to make this happen.

I have over 800 people on my WhatsApp. Occasionally, I hold back and forth conversations with people I barely know for over an hour, roaming from one subject to the another, freely.

For me, conversations are what make a person interesting, and even sexy. Everything, be it sex or love, is a matter of the mind—and if a person cannot ignite a conversational fire at your doorsteps, then what’s the point?

We have long ditched proper conversations. I mean face-to-face conversations. These days when I see couples at dinners, instead of talking, they will be on their phones, checking on Social Media.

When I was in Amsterdam recently, I went to a Cuban Bar near the Red Light District and saw a beautiful woman seated in front of a man. I believe she was his date or partner. And for the entire time that I enjoyed my Mojito, they remained on their phones with their bright screens throwing their lights into their bored eyes.

For some people, it feels weird to lure a random person into a conversation and to keep it going until he or she gets hooked, even on Social Media. While doing this will help an individual find a relationship easily, many can’t get it done or have some reservations.

Perhaps, it is a special skill. But even then, it can still be learnt.

Of course, some people are bitches and may ignore attempts at starting a conversation. But others will love it and will keep it going as long as it’s fun. So why don’t you try your luck?

My question is: when did you start a conversation with a random person or a stranger and where did that lead to?

Also, do you find it a little weird or worrying to start or receive talks or chats from people you do not know?

What’s been your experience with this?

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