Afia Schwar Is A Low Life Wannabe Kitchen Vlogger And Adulterous Monkey – ‘Bleaching Ambassador’, Diamond Appiah Takes Afia To The Cleaners

Apparently, 2016 failed parliamentary candidate, Diamond Appiah aka ‘Ghana’s bleaching Ambassador’ cannot stay out of any issue involving one of her kind, Afia Schwarzenegger ─ and that’s the modus operandi of b*tches!

Diamond Appiah has jumped on the neck of Afia Schwarzenegger over her wild allegations that Elikem Kumordzie is currently the man bonking Rachel Appoh, the former NDC Member of Parliament for Gomoa Central Constituency in the Central Region.

Diamond Appiah on the back of the above has rained insults on Afia Schwarzenegger describing her as a low life wannabe kitchen vlogger who begs to feed herself and family.

Diamond Appiah who has no business in ‘Elikem bonking Rachel Appoh’ allegations took to her Instagram page and rained insults on Afia Schwarzenegger.

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“Yo bro @elikemkumordzie you know ur family and nobody disrespects my family and gets away with it, especially a low class, low life wannabe KITCHEN VLOGGER who has to fool, crack unfunny jokes or beg ppl to advertise on her page before she gets money to feed herself, is that one too qualified to diss anyone in this country.. A common office to office n pastor to.pastor begger 😂😂😂😂.. Like wtf! We entertain alot of chaff in this society that’s why she feels in her delusional head she has the right to.judge others forgetting how stinking her mesirable life is. Aarrr ewurade see me see kitchen vlogger😂😂😂😂 eeermm wot work does she do again?”, she wrote.

In another post, Diamond Appiah posted a photo of Rachel Appoh and again rained insults on Afia Schwarzenegger for dragging the name of the former Lawmaker in the mud.

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Diamond Appiah who has bleached to the teeth wrote;

“When Shatta wale said Ghana is a village, he wasn’t lying cos I can’t seem to comprehend how a JOBLESS shameless adulterous monkey, a former veinna city sex worker, who’s naked pics n videos is just a click away can have the guts and temerity to insult my dear @hon_rachel_appoh an honourable member of parliament and even threaten to “run her out of the country” if she dares her 😂😂😂😂 that is the biggest JOKE I have heard all year, does that adulterous JUNKIE think in her delusional head that she is someone important to the state to run others out of the country ? SAY NO TO WEED cos it will make u feel bigger than ur actual worth in reality , see me see kitchen Vlogger 😂😂😂 oh jeez , when the lion is asleep, rats begin to dance. I don’t blame her, I blame the ILLITERATES that employed an illiterates like her to fool on their various platforms resulting in the cankerworm we have today. Tell that good for nothing kitchen Vlogger that @hon_rachel_appoh is not her mate. So she should concentrate on going round to beg for arms as usual to rent a studio to Vlog like her mates are doing and answer her mates like Maame Ngege’s calls 😂😂 cos Rachel is not her mate n can never be even in her next pathetic life”.

Rachel Appoh reacting to Afia’s allegations claims Elikem’s insecure sugar mummy paid Afia a meagre US$500 to disgrace them and sadly, Afia chose US500 over their 7 years of friendship.

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