Dear Men, There Is A Difference Between Ejaculation And ORGA$M And Some Of You Have Never Experience Orga$m

Many people have failed to know the difference between a sheer ejaculation and actually reaching orgasm especially in the case of our men. The topic of how some women have never had orgasm before and how they have faked it all their lives is a discussion certainly for another day.

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No one could blame anyone for fixing these two in the same box and thinking they are the same because the two happen together. Whilst ejaculation is the release of semen and everything to do with prostate and urethra, orgasm has all to do with the brain. That is not to wit that it takes place in the brain but the inexplicable feeling that it comes with it forms in the brain.

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Singer Queen Haizel says that there are many men out there who have never had an orgasm but feel they have all because they released. She believes orgasm is the one thing that could lead anyone at all to say something they should not say and she is not far from right.

“An orgasm is not the same as ejaculation. You can actually ejaculate without orgasm and you can also orgasm without ejaculating. Men assume ejaculation and orgasm are the same because both often occur together. Trust me there are men who have never experienced orgasm.

“According to queen Haizel, orgasm is a sweet and ecstatic feeling. Where momentarily it feels like all your organs in your body stop working and you are overwhelmed with an unexplainable sweetness.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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