I’ve Lost Many Suitors Because Their Families Think I’m Rude – Afia Pokua

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Broadcast Journalist of Adom FM, Afia Pokua, aka Vim Lady has shared her sad story about how she’s endured disappointments from men to men who could have made her Mrs.

According to Afia Pokua, she’s lost many marriage proposals because, families of her suitors thought she’s rude.

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Addressing the gathering during Alliance for Women in Media, the broadcast journalist noted her troubles had been because of the job; due to her delivering, it has affected her reputation someway, somehow.

She lectured that, there are no system support for women in media.

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…There are a lot of misconceptions, so there’s a system that we need to break to get women there. Once they find themselves even in the media, what are the support systems there? None.” She said.

And I’m doing it in Akan, very brutal not just ordinarily brutal in English but very brutal. So I’ve been called all sorts of names. I’ve lost marriage proposals because of that.

Yes… ‘My son can’t marry a woman who is loud, so my son can’t be with you.’ I’ve heard a lot of that.” She added.

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