Samuel-Clement WRITES: Lydia Forson Will Still Be Screeching About ‘Women Empowerment’ On Social Media In Years To Come After John Dumelo Has Become Ghana’s President

John Dumelo & Lydia Forson

This is Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo and by now if you still do not know that he has a dream of becoming Ghana’s president one day then probably you live on Mars or Pluto!

John is currently fighting his way to the top and making all the necessary contacts likely to aid him to achieve his political goals — and we are all witnesses to his struggle just to be called His Excellency John Dumelo in some 10 years to come or one day.

His female colleagues especially Lydia Forson, on the other hand, is on social media 24/7 championing the course of feminism, gender equality and women empowerment which is likely not to yield any fruit for her in years to come.

She moves to one event and to the other slaying on red carpets and posting of photos and videos on Instagram for likes and comments.

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One day when John Dumelo becomes lucky of which I’m optimistic about and climbs Ghana’s presidential seat with his wife as the first lady, some of his female colleagues will still be screeching about gender equality and women empowerment in his ears that they’ve been sidelined — forgetting that when he started his political career they were busily slaying on social media and championing the course of women empowerment without working their butts up there.

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As a woman, if you want to become somebody or climb a top political position you start working towards it now.

You don’t expect the men to be working out their asses out day and night and then throw the opportunity at your doorstep when it’s available just because you are a woman ─ hell no! That wouldn’t happen!

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Your president has been heckled by a woman in a hijab who hasn’t been able to champion the course of feminism or gender equality in any of the Arabian countries and you are in Ghana jubilating?

And I repeat! Your gender isn’t a qualification for you to get to the top!

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