Women With BIG Cl!ts Are Not Witches

For starters, this the first time hearing anything like this— this is all new to me. How is someone having a big cl!t has something to do with witchcraft? Apparently, there are people who believe in this insanity.

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S3x coach Dzifa Sweetness is here to dismiss such thoughts. According to her, women with big cl!ts are in fact blessed because it allows them to enjoy cl!torial orgasm.

“So many men call women with big clitoris witches. But they are not and there is nothing mysterious about a big clitoris. It is rather a gift because it is easier for such women to have a clitoral orgasm. When they are experiencing orgasm their clitoris that looks like a miniature penis vibrates and squirts’’

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She added; ’’Every woman’s clitoris is big but it is shaped like a wishbone that extends all the way down to the vagina, and it is massively important to a woman’s climax. In fact, the clitoris is the way that most women have orgasms.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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