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Letter To Ahuofe Patri – Stop Behaving Like ‘Your Head No Dey’ – Innocentia Writes

Excuse my language if you’re already hurt by the title of this piece. Fact is, I don’t intend to pamper Ahuofe Patri here.

I don’t know exactly what I’m about to type. I just know I’m furious because a certain girl Ghanaians have pampered has turn into a weed smoker, smoking like ‘Her Head No Dey’

Few years ago, Priscilla Opoku Agyeman aka Ahuofe Patri, surfaced on our TV screens in ‘Boys KASA’ series. Ghanaians hailed, supported, pampered and made her famous. They didn’t know you were coming with vixen, perhaps poison, to kill and destroy young generation – young girls who had thought they had gotten a role model. Someone they can look up to, learn from and make their lives worth-living, instead, you’ve turned into a weed smoker who appears to have mastered weed smoking.

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Just yesterday you took over social media and all major media outlets with nasty smoking pictures.

Smoke was billowing from your nostrils and your mouth like you’re insane.

I think you are, after you decided to smoke your head off and found it necessary to flood online with such pictures.

There were rumours a time ago that you like smoking. I was hoping that it will be one of those gossips. I didn’t want to believe that such an innocent young girl blessed with talent, lucky to have the world behind her would throw all that away and turn a drug addict. Hell no!!

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I was praying against it and hoping I get exonerated. But what did you do? You decided to act like ‘Your Head No Dey’ and have gone the whole hog on smoking.

This is just a noble advice for you if you will listen, you have more than being a useless smoker;

You have people supporting your showbiz dreams.

You have people calling you their favourite actress.

You have contacts.

You even have high class men hoping to have just your number because of your ethereal beauty…

What else do you need? All that listed above are your resources. Please Priscilla Opoku Agyeman pick up from where you are, It is not too late. Make your life count for Ghanaians. We saw something good in you, not a weed smoking brat!! Come back to your senses PLEASE!!!


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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