Secular Music Is Not Sinful And The Musicians Should Have A Place In The Church- Gospel Musician

Secular music is sinful, it has no place in the church and a Christian is not supposed to get themselves into any of such things that has a trace of the world and vanity in it— that is what we have been told to always do as Christians and the crusaders of the cross yet Gospel musician Nana Yaw Boakye better known as MOG  says Secular music is nothing sinful.

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He made his stance in an interview with Sammy Flex, “There is nothing wrong with it. What makes you think it’s sinful. For me it’s a perception. There is a place for the secular artistes in the church. There is a place of love, there is a place of fellowship, there is a place of acceptance, a place of protection for the secular artistes in the church”.

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He emphasized that many of these secular musicians have massive followers and by bringing them to the Lord’s presence, they might be influenced positively.

“These guys have massive following. They are out there preaching in the name of love. They are talking about how beautiful life is, how beautiful the women God has blessed with are and all that and we the Christians claim to know the real identity and meaning of love so if we are able to accept these guys and bring them into the church with what they are doing and we preach the sermon to them, I believe when they go to the studio and they start writing their lyrics, a line of what their pastor said will click in their mind and inform how they write their lyrics”, he said.

He cited Akwaboah as an example and revealed how being a church boy has influenced his songs.

“Look at somebody like Akwaboah. Akwaboah is a church boy, he is always in church with his pastor. See the way he writes his songs, his lyrics are very polished and all that but because we have not created a space for the secular artistes, they are also out there thinking that they don’t care about us so let’s also do whatever we want and they are also doing whatever they want”, MOG told Sammy Flex.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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