‘Useless, Unemployed’ Social Media Folks Who Claim to Be ‘Feminists’ Have Achieved Nothing for the Cause of Women Empowerment – CHRIS-VINCENT Writes

The voice of fire and brimstone on the Ghanaian social media landscape, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, is back to fire some sense into the heads of the social media crusaders who brand themselves ‘feminists’ but are nothing of the sort.

In a new post on social media, Chris-Vincent takes on this group of ‘Yaanom’ who are all talk and no action when it comes to actual women empowerment.

You know these ‘feminists’, those who throw about words like ‘toxic masculinity’ and ‘the patriarchy’ without really explaining what it means and brands everyone who disagrees with them a ‘misogynist’.

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According to Chris, he has done more to aid women than any of those “useless unemployed folks online who call themselves Ghanaian feminists.”

The Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com called on these ‘Yaanom’ to find jobs and help some actual ladies in real life instead of the fruitless social media crusades which yield no efforts.

Read his post below…

Let me tell you about those useless unemployed folks online who call themselves Ghanaian feminists and aggressively insult those who do not agree with them on approach or on any matter—be it a man or woman.

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I have seen many of them say I am a misogynist, a word they throw up against men a lot—yet the biggest misogynist in the world, religion, is their saviour. I will leave this for another day.

These angry and I let me add bitter social media so-called feminists have done nothing worthy of the cause, except to sit online and insult.

About 3 years ago, a pregnant woman working for Reliance, an employment agency in Accra that outsourced staff to the then telecommunication giant Tigo Ghana introduced an absurd maternity policy.

The agency instituted a policy affecting all its Tigo workers, saying, “effective January 2016, an employee who wishes to go on maternity leave will have to apply for a break (leave without pay) and reapply for their position after the maternity break.”

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That was a clear violation of female workers’ rights and an open assault on the career of these women. It simply meant that, don’t get pregnant because if you do, you lose your job.

I took this crusade on and with the help of my blog GhanaCelebrities.Comand social media pages, I got Tigo Ghana, the main company this agency outsourced staff to, reached.

Tigo Ghana’s then CEO-Roshi Motman telephoned me the same day—because the noise and the crusade reached her. She promised me that she will ensure the policy is abolished or Tigo stops using the agency.

Within 24 hours, the policy was abolished.

It was not just abolished, Tigo said, “The policy is unfair and does not meet the standards of our commitment to diversity and inclusion especially at a time when the world is calling for gender parity to bridge the gender gap. As a company that has deep respect for transparency, diversity and equal opportunities, we will not tolerate any breaches in respect to our Suppliers Code of Conduct and or / higher standards.

After our discussions with Reliance we have taken immediate action and the only affected employee has been contacted. Going forward Reliance will do the following:
* Pay all female staff on maternity leave their full salary.
* Ensure that all employees return to their jobs after the 3 months maternity leave.
* Allow for shorter working days for nursing mothers at their return to work.”

I somewhat achieved this alone with my online platform for many Ghanaian women while living in the United Kingdom.

Where were the so called feminists at the time? None, said a damn word!

Today, they claim to be the feminists and some of us the anti-feminists because we do not agree with their insane methods and loop-sided arguments?

Can they tell us what they have done or achieve for Ghanaian women on any scale except their constant attack of men and women who do not agree with them?

And let me add this: about 2 years ago I met a young woman who had abandoned school and had become a lousy waitress at Apor at Osu in Accra at 1am.

I asked her what she wanted to do with herself in life and she said she wanted to go to school to become a fashion designer but her parents could not afford for her to continue education after completing JHS.

I am now spending about 4,000 to 5,000 GHS every 3 months on this girl—putting her through school and for her upkeep, alone.

No, that’s not feminism because it does not entail sitting on social media and insulting men. I am able to do this for this girl because I work and can afford it. A lot of you claim to empowered but have no jobs even—how can you help another woman in need?

My blog employs at least 5 women. You guys don’t do anything for women but claim to be their mouthpiece.

What a joke!

Link to above issue: https://www.ghanacelebrities.com/…/chris-vincent-writes-me…/

—Chris-Vincent Agyapong

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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