VIDEOS: Vicky Zugah Delivered From A Curse Placed On Her For Snatching Someone’s Husband

Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah cried like a toddler after it was revealed to her by Pastor Prince Kofi Elisha the reason why she hasn’t succeeded in all the relationships she has been in ─ and until that curse placed on her by a married woman for snatching her husband, she will never get married.

According to the man of God, this married woman out of pain and ill-treatment from her husband because of Vicky Zugah cursed her with her own blood that she [Vicky Zugah] will also experience such ill-treatment from all the men that come her way.

The pastor disclosed that until she finds that woman and apologises to her, she will never be married nor enjoy relationships with men ─ the consequences of dating and snatching people’s husband is what actress Vicky Zugah is facing currently.

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Pastor Elisha asked why she is pretty but no man seems to be interested in her? The curse placed on her by the married woman is working and he is even surprised that Vicky Zugah is still alive ─ because the woman went to different places to make sure that she [Vicky Zugah] doesn’t survive for snatching her husband.

The pastor after praying for her ordered her to travel to Aburi in the Eastern Region because that’s where she will find the woman who cursed her ─ and after finding her, she should kneel down in tears and beg the woman for breaking her home ─ and if this is not done, no man will take her as his wife.

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Apparently, all the beatings and physical assaults from the men she has dated were as a result of a curse placed on her for dating and snatching someone’s husband in the most painful and heartbreaking manner.

Watch the videos below.


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