The Money Relationship Conundrum—Should Couples Share A Joint Bank Account? — CHRIS-VINCENT Writes

My friend just told me about how a Ghanaian woman he is getting to know in London was struggling financially until recently when she got a new job. And that during her hard times, he gave her over 1000 pounds to support herself financially.

Then the woman got a new job, which cushioned her financial standing a little bit .

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Last week, my friend stated that he visited this lady and when he tried to book Uber back home, his account wouldn’t work. So he asked the woman to book it for him, which came to about 14 pounds—adding that he will reimburse her later.

The next morning, this lady messaged my friend to asking whether he has been able to transfer the 14 pounds Uber fare to her or not.

Now, my friend thinks this woman is deeply engulfed in this widespread notion of a lot of Ghanaian women coming abroad to make money to take home. Therefore, when it comes to relationships, they do not play fair with their money. They try to spend yours, and keep theirs well guarded for their exclusive use.

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My friend thinks he does not have a future with such a woman, who he described as selfish and stingy.

When it comes to relationships and money, there is no single format to making it work. It mostly depends on the level of trust and understanding of the persons involved.

While I have a joint bank account with my wife, a lot of my friends do not and think it’s absurd to even do that, especially if you make more than your partner. For some people it’s the income that matters and to others it’s the expenditure—as to who spends more.

How have you handled finances in your relationships? Should couples put all their incomes together and share a joint bank account? Or do you think each should hold on their own earnings?

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As a man, what then happens to the conventional responsibility to provide for your partner or family?

—Chris-Vincent Agyapong

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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