Medikal’s Squeezing of Fella Makafui’s Inflated Butt on Stage—An Aggressive Assault on Womanhood Or A Display of Modern Love?

I do not intend to write on feminism, but I cannot completely ignore the rigid stands of certain women who call themselves feminists when it comes to how a man treats a woman, especially in public.

While it’s argued, and I agree that, feminism is mainly about choice—some women believe others are incapable of making good judgements and as such incompetent in distinguishing between when a man is being plainly a douche bag to them and when he is showing them, true love.

Ghanaian musician, Medikal, and his girlfriend who styles her hair like a ‘borla bird’-Fella Makafui performed at yesterday’s Ghana Meets Naija in Accra.

And during the performance, Medikal whose stagecraft is worse than that of Patapaa grabbed and squeezed the inflated butt of Fella Makafui, to the excitement of the quasi-perverts in the crowd.

The on-stage squeezing can be interpreted to be an open display of love and affection. It can also be seen as an exhibition of how less Medikal respects Fella Makafui as a woman—and therefore a public assault on womanhood.

Watch the video below and let me know your interpretation. Would you allow your man to do this to you at any public place—and why?

For me, I do not think this relationship has any ingredient of mutual respect.


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