Inferiority Complex: Benedicta Gafah Settles For Butts And Hips Pad In The Most Humiliating Manner In The Name Of Impressing Faceless Fans

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Apparently, Benedicta Gafah cannot afford the money involved in butts and hips enlargement surgery hence settling for butts and hips pad was the only option for her to look good in the eyes of strangers hovering around social media.

These are the role models for some young Ghanaian women dreaming of becoming actresses and television personalities in Ghana ─ personalities who aren’t proud of their natural bodies and have low self-esteem.

Ghanaian actress, Benedicta Gafah knowing very well that Ghanaians won’t spare her for settling for hips and butts pad to inflate her backside turned off the commenting section of that particular photo.

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Benedicta Gafah from all indications is suffering from a disorder characterised by social discomfort ─ a situation that can be described as inferiority complex and at worst, narcissistic personality disorder.

In the photo, she is seen with huge hips as a result of the hips pads she loaded in her pioto or whatever she wore under her outfit.

As usual, social media trolls are on her neck dragging her for humiliating herself for the obvious reason ─ grabbing the attention of ‘potential clients’.

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Comparing this particular photo to her old photos on her Instagram page, it’s clear that she enhanced her butts and hips with pads ─ if not 2 then 10 pads.

The question still remains, what do these self-acclaimed actresses want?



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