Lydia Forson Is Probably Depressed and Loudly Crying for Help – Godwin Nii-Armah Okine Writes

Over a short but steady period of time, actress Lydia Forson has metamorphosed from one of the intellectual pillars of the celebrity world to a pathetic beta version of Akuapem Poloo.

From writing critical theses about societal ills, Lydia has now been reduced to peddling her flesh for the chance to trend on social media and on blogs such as this one.

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So we are going to give her the very attention she’s seeking, but probably not in the way she imagined.

It takes a lot for anyone to abruptly change their personality in such a manner yet that is exactly what Lydia Forson has done within the past few months.

We’re not talking about her private life, which is her own business, but about what she puts in the public sphere. There used to be a time when you wouldn’t catch Lydia behaving in a certain way but now that seems to be all she does.

The shameless attention antics of Moesha and Akuapem Poloo are what she lives on now, stripping down in tasteless photos and twerking in aimless videos that titillate no one.

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Based on what we know about Lydia from a long time in the public eye and the image she has carefully cultivated over the years, something is probably wrong somewhere to turn Lydia from a fearless advocate who carefully maintains her self-respect to the aimless soul who parades around at shows letting Patapaa chop her nyash these days.

Unless she’s clinically depressed and subtly crying for help with her abnormal behaviour, her recent actions defy any logical explanation.

The movie industry is as slow as it’s ever been and jobs are hard to come by, not just for Lydia but for all those in the industry.

It’s that kind of drought that has led the Moeshas and the Akuapem Poloo’s to use Instagram tomfoolery to garner attention and keep themselves relevant and Lydia is now forced to enter that realm as well if she wants to survive.

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It cannot be easy for someone of her sort to stoop so low just to remain relevant.

Recently when Afia Schwarzenegger released her list of celebrities who need a husband as soon as possible, Lydia Forson made an appearance as well.

Anyone who knows how things work in Ghana knows being unmarried at such an advanced age is no mean feat and can also be a source of immense pressure and stress.

Between all these challenges and being forced to reinvent herself just to survive in this godforsaken industry, Lydia seems to have completely snapped.

We can’t say for certain she’s depressed but when anyone completely changes their personality in such a short period, it has to be a giant cry for help.

Lydia, give Joyce Dzidzor Mensah a call, she can probably hook you up to the right doctors and get you back to your senses before its too late.

Back when she was a proud and decent advocate for the right thing being done, whenever Lydia wrote a blog post attacking any one of the 1000’s of issues that are wrong in this country, I wrote about it with pride and praised Lydia for her fearless nature and laudable career.

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These days, there’s little she does that invites praise.

The Lydia Forson we see these days is a disgrace and not worthy of the name and brand she built in the early days of her career.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

This post was published on June 10, 2019 2:50 PM

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