Bro Sammy Is Just A ‘Trotro’ Medicine Seller with Fame – Don’t Bother Buying His Fatuous ‘Divine Healing Water’

This morning, we were all showered with the news that gospel musician Bro. Sammy has become something of a medical doctor.

Bro. Sammy has revealed that he is now selling ‘divine healing water’ which can cure any ailment from Hepatitis to HIV/AIDS, Cancer and Asthma.

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This special divine healing water, according to Bro. Sammy, is a revelation from God and can cure all the aforementioned diseases instantly.

So the water is on sale and pretty soon desperate people are going to start flocking to him to purchase it to cure whatever illnesses they’re suffering from.

If you know what’s good for you and your pocket, don’t bother.

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Bro. Sammy is just a more polished version of the healers who fill up almost every long distance public transport bus in the country selling herbs or medicines of questionable origins which apparently can cure any ailment on earth.

We’ve all had that experience of a dishevelled looking man in dirty clothes and coloured teeth claiming to sell something which can heal practically any ailment in the world.

I’ve never trusted those guys and would never trust them and you should treat Bro. Sammy with the same caution. Simply being a celebrity does not make him exempt from the same caution you treat anyone with such untested ‘remedies’.

If Bro Sammy’s remedies really work, he should go to Korle-Bu and he’ll immediately become the richest man in Ghana. He doesn’t need to advertise his so-called miracle cure if it can instantly cure everyone at Korle-Bu.

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He doesn’t even need to make it expensive, just Ghc 100 for each sick person and he’ll become Ghana’s Bill Gates.

Of course, he cannot do that because he’s a fraud, just like all those poor people selling revolutionary medicines in cars. If any person truly discovers such world-altering cures, they’ll become the next Alexander Fleming or Louis Pasteur, not a two bit broke a$$ Ghanaian singer trying to survive in a dead showbiz industry.

I know my people would not listen but I’ll say it anyway – don’t listen to anything that fraud would sell you unless he passes the Korle-Bu test.

It’s the same way you shouldn’t believe any ‘miracle’ by a pastor unless he cures an irreversible condition such as an amputation right in front of your eyes.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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