CONFIRMED? Stonebwoy, Yemi Alade And All Artists Billed For Kenya Concert Haven’t Been Paid Due To Low Turnout

Even though Ghanaian Reggae/Dancehall artist, Stonebwoy had a good time and thrilled music lovers at the “Tomorrow’s Leaders” concert held at the Karasani Stadium in Kenya looking at the videos available on the internet but there was a mess up financially according to series of tweets by Kenyan Blogger, Xtian Dela.

According to Xtian Dela, the “Tomorrow’s Leaders” concert organised by Morgan Heritage was a total flop as musicians such as Stonebwoy, Yemi Alade and others were left to pay their own Hotel bills.

In one of his numerous tweets advocating for the arrest of Morgan Heritage for not paying Kenyan musicians who performed on the night, he alleged that Stonebwoy got kicked out of his hotel room whilst Nigeria’s Yemi Alade got locked up in her hotel room over non-payment of bills.

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Now, a team member of the “Tomorrow’s Leaders” concert, Nerea Musita in a leaked note sent to Mojo Morgan confirmed that indeed, none of the musicians who performed at the concert has been paid due to low turnout resulting in financial losses.

Nerea Musita’s leaked note reads;

“Good evening

Thank you once again for your support in ensuring we held the event which was a blessing to have pulled off even with hurdles and obstacles on the journey,

Following reconciliation of the accounts after the events, financially we made a loss at the box office, in lieu of that some payments will not be possible at this time. Kindly do not bank the cheque received from Ronami Holdings, for there is not a sufficient amount in order to clear your amount at this time.

We will be intouch as we continue to do a postmortem, and plan for the next event.

Your understanding is much appreciated on the same”.

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With this note, there could be an iota of truth in Xtian Dela’s allegations about Stonebwoy and Yemi Alade being kicked out and locked up in their respective hotel rooms in Kenya after the concert. will keep updating its cherished and discerning readers about the “Tomorrow’s Leaders” concert brouhaha ─ stay right here for more!

Nerea Musita sc

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